Manual core cutters

MANUAL CORE CUTTER – Increased sales of these low cost manual core cutter units ten (10)  sold in December 2019

Specification core cutters:
Max core length: 1600mm or 3200mm Min Cut width: 10mm Slitting method: 4″ OD ¾” bore Rotary Cutting blade Max Core diameter: 152mm ID Standard or 12” on the large unit option Running speed: 6-7 cuts/min (manual)
Core size Available Standard:
(2”), 70mm, (3”) 76mm, (6”), 152mm (other sizes are available at extra cost).
Motor Size:
1.125 KW with a 5:1 reduction gearbox
Input power:
240v single phase or 380 – 460 V 3 phase 50Hzs or 60Hz 
24v DC or 110v.


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Cantilevered Slitter Rewinder

Front View


The slitter shown was produced for our customer, who was looking to improve finished product quality and also looking to improve and increase output, their existing slitter required a lot of manual handling to remove the finished rolls, and re-core for the next run, also the loading of the unwind roll was difficult and laborious.

Most of their business was relatively short rewind runs with multiple narrow web width rolls.

This machine was designed to fulfil the requirement of improving the finished roll quality and also increasing productivity.

Reported back from the customer only this week is that the rolls being produced are far superior than anything previously achieved, and that productivity output has increased by 75%  and the machine has only been in operation for 2 weeks, so this would be expected to increase as there systems and setup become more streamlined. Always good to have really positive feedback.

End view




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Tape Slitter (fully automatic machine)


This automatic turret slitter has recently been supplied to our customer for the conversion of narrow width adhesive tapes, the machine consists of a shaftless unwind, web peel off roller, splice plate and web clamps, automatic tension control, automatic web guide, automatic slitter positioning, automatic core setting, facility for auto tape insertion for non-adhesive tapes. Rewinding on either airshaft or full differential shafts, automatic cut off and seal down of the tapes.

Machine can be supplied in various widths from 800mm – 1300mm, multiple slitting options, range of rewind diameters, and core sizes, the maximum rewind diameter on this particular machine is 450mm.

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Auto Splice Duplex Rewind
Non Turret Type

These non-turret shaft with automatic flying splice rewinders has recently been developed to be supplied one of our gravure printing machines, this unit has a maximum web width of 650mm and rewinding diameter for 800mm the running / printing speed of the machine is 200mpm.

We also have these units as available as an option on our narrow web coating and laminating machines.

These twin shaft fixed rewinding units allow for continuous running and web transfer write up web without any down time, increasing throughput and productivity, and a significant reduction of waste materials during the slow down / stop and web transfer on standard rewinding units.

These automatic splice rewinding units are very competitively priced and generally more compact than the more expensive options of using the auto – turret rewind – splice machine.

Our fixed shaft auto transfer units can also be retro-fitted as an upgrade onto most existing narrow web converting machines.

Link to video clip:


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Hot Pin Perforation Unit

Two of these units have just recently been sold to a multinational company, the first unit is for their plant in China and the second for their plant in the UK.  Additional orders are expected in the near future.

Hot-Pin perforation allows a poly-based material to be permeated with a hole that will not close up, and is the perforation method of choice in applications where aesthetics are key. The hole that is left by a hot perforation needle is re-enforced by a neat, molten ring of material that surrounds the hole. Hot needle perforation is used in a wide variety of applications. Perforations can be made in register or in a continuous basis.

Hot Perforation is used generally for the following products

– Bakery good packaging film
– Fresh-cut flower wrapping film
– Hygiene and Medical Industries
– Other food packaging
– Other operations that require moisture, vapour or air flow control

These hot pin machines can be made up to 2000mm wide as standard. Custom machines can be manufactured for large diameter rollers in the case of high speed applications or applications that demand greater width to overcome roller deflection.

Our perforators can be made to bolt into existing lines, or we can manufacture them with unwind and rewinds for stand alone operation.

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Coating and lamination machine has been supplied to an ITALIAN university for training their students, (that’s your future employee’s) on the principles and best practices for coating and lamination. The machine is one of our NEXUS range of machines, this particular unit the NEXLAM 600 series was supplied for a web width of 300mm, unwind & rewind roll diameters of 500mm, process speeds up to 250MPM on a solvent-less process. The machine is suitable for water base, solvent base and solvent-less adhesives.

Coating method available on this machine are:

Gravure, Solvent-less, Semi-flexo, Kiss and Reverse coatings

Lamination methods available on this machine are:

Wet, Dry and Solvent-less lamination


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A large paper converter in the ASIA has bought one of our two drum slitter rewinders the machine has a web width of 2500mm with rewind diameter of 1500mm, running speed of 800 MPM.

These winder are usually high speed converting machines, the two-drum surface rewinders typically uses the following method for controlling roll density. Sufficient wrap around the drum so that the web tension has little effect on the roll hardness when winding non-extensible product.

Rewind roll hardness and profile are achieved by nip control on the rider roll pressure and torque control between the surface drums. Two-drum surface winders are normally used as high speed rewind slitters for grades such as papers and boards, nonwoven materials.


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New Tape spooler for German customer:

One of the largest suppliers of automotive tapes to well-known Germany Car manufacturers has placed an order for one of our SP-06 six head spooling machine. The spooler has a spooled roll capacity of 400mm x 400mm onto either 76mm or 152mm cores.

Slitting for crush / shear and razor are included

Also a unique unwinding system for really difficult adhesive materials has been developed to prevent any necking or distortion of the unwind roll.

The unwind roll has a maximum capacity of 1300mm diameter x 700mm width and the machine is capable of running at speeds up to 300mpm

Other products being converted on our spooler for this particular company will be fabric tapes, fleece tapes, velour tapes, aluminium adhesive tapes, paper adhesive tapes, and several other types of insulation tapes.

Six head spooling machine

                                  SP06 Spooling Machine

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ACC-13 Core Cutter

Auto Core Cutter Model ACC-1300

ACC-1300 Two automatic core cutters, supplied for cutting cardboard and plastic cores sizes 25mm 76mm & 152mm. Both units have been supplied  for 1300mm core lengths. The first customer located in the UK is cutting 76 & 152mm cardboard cores.

The second customer based on the west coast in the U.S. will be using 25, 76, & 152mm cardboard and plastic cores. Both these machines are now installed and running to our customers complete satisfaction.



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Turret Rewind with Auto Flying Splice

New order: For a 2100mm wide turret rewind with auto cut/off (flying splice) for rewinding rolls up to 600mm diameter, the unit is also supplied with a pick up from floor shaftless unwind for 1000mm diameter rolls. And runs in conjunction with a full width I/R HOT PERFORATION unit. The machinery being supplied will significantly improve productivity and greatly reduce material waste.

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