Two Drum Surface Rewinder

The two-drum surface winder typically uses the following method for controlling roll hardness: sufficient wrap around the drum so that the web tension has little effect on the roll hardness when winding non-extensible product. Rewind roll hardness and profile are achieved by nip control on the rider roll pressure and torque control between the surface drums. Two-drum surface winders are normally used as high speed rewind slitters for light-density grades such as non wovens, paper and board.


Technical Specification

Rewind type:                 2 Drum surface winder
Max material width:       2500mm
Max rewind diameter:   1500mm
Max unwind diameter:  1500mm
Slitting system:              Rotary shear
Max machine speed:     800 mpm
Tension control:             Fully automatic
Operator interface:       10″ HMI touch screen