Hot Stamping Foils Slitter

Stamping Foils Slitter (Standard slitter)

400 HSF pic1 (2)

Machine specification:
Unwind type:                          Shaft-less (driven)
Maximum web width:            1600mm
Maximum roll diameter:        1000mm
Core size:                               76mm/ 152mm
Core holding:                         Compression chuck 76/ 152
Unwind support arms:          Ball-screw with locking brakes
Web guider:                           Ultrasonic edge control system
Guider travel:                         +/- 75mm @ 18mm/ sec
Cam roller:                             First roller in material web path
In feed roller splice table:    Cut rubber spreader roller
Splice table:                           Dual pneumatic clamps
Tension control:                    Dancer arm
Unwind direction:                  Under / Over winding
Tension range:                       20- 350 Newton’s
Spreader roller:                     Driven adjustable
In feed slitting roller:            Rubber covered idle roller

Slitting section:                     Razor in air (shear slitting system)
Trim winders:                        2 x dancer arm control winders
Trim width min:                     8-9mm
Main drive:                            Hard chrome roller pneumatic rubber nip
Maximum machine speed:  500 meters/ min
Rewind section:                    Duplex centre-winding
Maximum roll diameter:       600mm
Tension control:                   Servo motors, with taper tension
Tension range:                     25 – 350 Newton’s
Winding shafts supplied:    2 x 76mm lairshafts

Lay-on rollers:                      2 x full width

Optional equipment:
Motorized laser core positioning
Automatic knife positioning (razor holders)
3 zone static elimination


Stamping Foils Slitter (Auto knife setting)

365HSF front (2)

Machine Specification:

Unwind type:                           Shafted – Shaft-less fixed height (option)
Maximum roll width:               Up to 1650mm
Maximum roll diameter:         1000mm
Core size:                                 76mm + 152mm
Brake:                                       Magnetic particle type
Tension control:                      Automatic
Spreader roller:                       Grooved rubber roller
Main drive motor:                    5.5Kw AC Vector with encoder
Maximum machine speed:     450 metres/min
Length counter:                       Pre-set slowdown to stop at final length
Slitting type:                             Razor holders in air or razor comb
Trim removal (optional):          Blower or traverse trim winders
Rewind type:                             Duplex centre rewinding locked core (cantilevered or removable shafts)  Options- pneumatic differential
Rewind motors:                         2 x 3.0Kw AC Vector
Maximum rewind diameter:      600mm
Shafts supplied:                        2 x 25mm & 2 x 76mm air shafts
Tension control:                         Independent automatic load cell control of each rewind station (lock core winding)
Tension range:                           0.3 – 3Nm
Lay-on arms / shaft support:   Controlled gap rewinding system to enable full width winding on 25mm & 76mm ID cores
Operator interface:                   Colour touch screen that handles all tension, taper tension, speed, length and diameter information


HSF mini-slitter

HSF slit coils









Specification:                          MINI Slitter
Max standard working width:    600 or 1200 mm
Running speed:                        0 – 100 mpm
Max unwind diameter:              600 mm
Max rewind diameter:               350 mm
Max web tension:                     1.0 pli
Slitting Medium:                       Razor blade is the standard
Min slitting width:                     6 mm
Core sizes:                               25 mm (1”) or 76 mm (3”)


Hot Stamping Foil: Terminology

Foil stamping uses heat and hot stamping foil in a printing process that produces a glossy design on paper, vinyl, textiles, wood, hard plastic, leather and other materials.

Foil stamping is also known as hot stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, or leaf stamping and can be combined with dimensional embossing to make letters and images on business cards, book covers, gift cards and office folders along with a host of professional or personal items.

Instead of using plates or inks to print words and shapes, foil stamping uses dies or engraved metal stamps. The heated dies seal a thin layer of metallic leaf onto a surface. The foil comes in a wide roll, large enough for several passes, backed by Mylar. The hot die works similarly to a letterpress. Once heated, it presses the foil against the substrate material with enough pressure to ensure that the foil sticks only in the intended places leaving a slight imprint.