Compact Slitters

610 Compact 3 (2)


Unwind type:                                 Shaft-less, ball screw controlled
Maximum web width:                   1600mm
Maximum roll diameter:               1000mm
Minimum web width:                    600mm
Maximum roll weight:                  1000Kg.
Core loading:                                76 + 152mm compression chuck
Tension control:                            Pneumatic dancer arm
Tension range:                              3- 50Kg
Guider:                                          Electric actuator guider
Guider travel:                               +/- 75mm
Cam roller:                                   Parent roll slack edge control.
Spreader roller:                           Removes creases
Ultrasonic end of roll detector:  Programmable end of roll sensor

Main drive:
Main drive motor:                       5.5Kw A/C Vector type
Drive rollers:                               Dual “S” wrap 150mm dia rollers.
Maximum machine speed:        500mtrs/min.
Length counter:                         Automatic stop at length

Slitting section:
Slitting type:                               Rotary shear/ razor slitting
Minimum slit width:                   25mm.

Trim Removal:                           Vacuum venturi system (optional)

Rewind section:
Rewind motors:                         2 x 7.5Kw A/C Vector type
Rewind type:                              Duplex cantilevered
Maximum roll diameter:            610mm
Core size:                                   76mm
Shafts type:                                Full differential slip type
Tension control:                         Independent each rewind shaft.
Tension range:                           30 – 300 Newton’s
Taper tension:                            Software selectable auto / man
Lay-on arms:                              Pneumatic contact control
Lay-on arms supplied:              2 x full width rubber covered
Maximum weight per shaft:      350Kg.
Finished roll removal control:  2 shaft fixed position unit (optional)



480rwm (2)    Fixed height Shaftless Unwind (2)

Rewinds swing out for off loading 1 (2)

Machine specification: Compact 480

Unwind type:                              Shaft-less (Fixed height)
Maximum roll diameter:             800mm
Maximum roll width:                  1300mm
Minimum roll width:                   250mm
Core size:                                    76mm and 152mm
Brake:                                          Electro-magnetic
Tension control:                         Automatic load cell
Tension range:                           Variable from 30- 200 Newton’s
Guiding system:                        Electric actuator & ultrasonic sensor
Guider travel:                             +/- 75mm @ 20mm/sec

Main drive: 150mm rubber covered drive roller with a pneumatically controlled nip roller
Maximum machine speed:               400 mts/min

Slitting type:                 Razor in grooved roll (optional rotary shear)
Grooved roller pitch:                         2.5mm
Minimum slit width:                            25mm
Razor holders supplied:                     10 off
Trim removal system:                       Vacuum venturi system
Rewind type:                                      Duplex centre wind
Maximum rewind diameter:              450mm
Core size:                                           76mm
Shafts type:                 2 x width differential with 25mm wide chucks
Lay on arms:               2 x full width pneumatically controlled arms





N E X S L IT © “COMPACT” Technical data:
Dual-shaft slitting & rewinding machine
• Web width……… 600 – 1300mm
• Max operating speed 400 m/min
• Mother roll diameter……. up to 800 mm
• Parent rolls diameter……. up to 600 mm
• Slitting method…………….. razors
• Minimum slit width………. 50 mm
• Rewinding axes……………. Clutched self locking

Other features
• Digital tension control
• Automatic edge guiding system
• Pneumatic rotary blades (option)
• High efficiency trim suction
• Laser pointer (option)
• Digital AC motor drive
• Wide Touch Screen HMI 12”
• Operator friendly NEXEASY
• Ethernet remote diagnostic
• Shaft-less unwind (option)
• Parent rolls unloading device (option)
Compact NEXSLIT dwg