Fully Reversible Rewind / Doctor Machines

SCR 600 Series

Reversible Rewinder Series:

Model RR- 406: These units are fully reversible high speed doctoring / editing machines available in a range of widths and diameters.

  • The cantilevered design allows easy loading and unloading of reels.
  • The machine is reversible to a Maximum speed of 600m/min for higher productivity
  • Models for different web widths, diameters, speeds, and features
  • Automatic web guide
  • Total tension control system, closed loop via dancer roller
  • Fully reversible direction without stopping to reduce downtime
  • Lay-on control unwind and rewind
  • Fully cantilevered (supported if required)
  • Length counter with auto slow-stop on length
  • Web splice / editing table / edge trim / centre-slitting  (Optional)

 Model RR- 602 Series:

Model 606 RR
Model RR- 606 Series:
These reversible salvage rewinding machines have been designed to rectify rolls with alignment and roll tension issues or printed defects. Main features include: reversible rewinding (bi-directional) in order to recover the roll to a good condition, AC motors, auto web guide, automatic closed loop tension systems, inspection and editing facilities.
RR -808 Series:
Reversible rewinder