Rewinding and editing machines

Rewinding and Editing Machines

Rewinding and Editing MachinesEditing / Rewinding / Doctoring / Salvage: The terminology like most things will depend upon the country and continent in which you reside. Basically these machines are required because there are rolls, reels or coils of converted material which, for whatever reason, are not at the stage of being a sale-able product. This may be due to a multitude of reasons such as inconsistent roll tension, poor edge alignment quality, bad edge trimming / slitting or poor tension in the roll. With some adhesive laminates it may be adhesive bleed on the edges due to the rolls being wound with too much tension. Printers may need to edit printed webs to remove faulty or missing print. There are literally hundreds of reasons to have rewinding / doctoring / editing machines and this is why they are usually more bespoke to specific industries and product types. These machines are supplied in various widths and roll diameter sizes. Some will be reversible, some may have edge trim slitting facilities, almost all with have high quality automatic edge guidance and exceptional web tension controls systems. Some may require state of the art print inspection systems, others may only require a visual inspection web path.