FURU Plus Inspection Systems

Fibre optic inspection system FURU plus

This high performance Fibre optic inspection system FURU is a user oriented advanced inspection system. It’s sufficient to place the sensors in line with the rows of labels and to select the system from the touch screen, the automatic calibration takes less than 10 seconds!


Detection at any rewinding speed of:
• missing labels also on clear on clear printed labels
• matrix/waste strip the detection of matrix waste presence is guaranteed up to 2 mm wide matrix
• flag/splice

• Dual label counter
• Different label size recognition: allows to auto-detect 2
different sized labels with 2 different formats on the same roll
• Advanced matrix/missing label functions: guarantees to
detect a label error on labels with different format on the same roll
FURU – PLUS is the best solution for all PACKAGING labels producers

A STAND ALONE version, with colour touch screen, HMI and relay
interface, can be installed on existing machines, either mechanical
or electronic. This version integrates with the label and meter counter functions.


FURU plus