Increased sales of traverse spooling machines

Sales of our traverse spool winding machines have increased significantly over the past 18 months. This standard six – head unit proving to be very popular, some of the standard features are shown below:

SP-6 model six head spooling machine is designed to produce spools of material, each individual traverse winding head is totally independent of the others. A complex winding software programme controls the position of each spool-winding shaft in one-degree increments to produce a quality finished spooled roll.

The software programme enables the customer to select either “lobe” winding (degrees of turn around point of each cycle) or “pineapple” winding (turn around point less than previous turn around point).

These methods enable the ability to wind products from 10 micron to 10mm thickness. Each winding head is fitted with 3 servomotors.

  1. Rewind mandrel drive
  2. Oscillator drive via a ball-screw
  3. Gap or Contact winding drive, via a ball-screw

The rewinding drive is electronically geared to the oscillator ball-screw, so that when the parameters have been loaded into screen it produces the specified spool.

The Gap or Contact winding is also controlled via the Motion controller so that when Gap winding is selected, the material thickness and gap required along with details of the external diameter of the core is entered into the operator colour touch screen.  Therefore at the end of every traverse the material in- feed arm moves the exact material thickness maintaining a constant gap as the spool diameter increases.

In Contact mode the material in-feed roller is moved backwards by the increase of the spool diameter, a sensor then detects this movement and adjusts the in-feed arm back maintaining contact at all times.

6 head spooler

6 head spooler


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