Hot Pin Perforation Unit

Two of these units have just recently been sold to a multinational company, the first unit is for their plant in China and the second for their plant in the UK.  Additional orders are expected in the near future.

Hot-Pin perforation allows a poly-based material to be permeated with a hole that will not close up, and is the perforation method of choice in applications where aesthetics are key. The hole that is left by a hot perforation needle is re-enforced by a neat, molten ring of material that surrounds the hole. Hot needle perforation is used in a wide variety of applications. Perforations can be made in register or in a continuous basis.

Hot Perforation is used generally for the following products

– Bakery good packaging film
– Fresh-cut flower wrapping film
– Hygiene and Medical Industries
– Other food packaging
– Other operations that require moisture, vapour or air flow control

These hot pin machines can be made up to 2000mm wide as standard. Custom machines can be manufactured for large diameter rollers in the case of high speed applications or applications that demand greater width to overcome roller deflection.

Our perforators can be made to bolt into existing lines, or we can manufacture them with unwind and rewinds for stand alone operation.

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