New Tape spooler for German customer:

One of the largest suppliers of automotive tapes to well-known Germany Car manufacturers has placed an order for one of our SP-06 six head spooling machine. The spooler has a spooled roll capacity of 400mm x 400mm onto either 76mm or 152mm cores.

Slitting for crush / shear and razor are included

Also a unique unwinding system for really difficult adhesive materials has been developed to prevent any necking or distortion of the unwind roll.

The unwind roll has a maximum capacity of 1300mm diameter x 700mm width and the machine is capable of running at speeds up to 300mpm

Other products being converted on our spooler for this particular company will be fabric tapes, fleece tapes, velour tapes, aluminium adhesive tapes, paper adhesive tapes, and several other types of insulation tapes.

Six head spooling machine

                                  SP06 Spooling Machine

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