ACC-13 Core Cutter

Auto Core Cutter Model ACC-1300

ACC-1300 Two automatic core cutters, supplied for cutting cardboard and plastic cores sizes 25mm 76mm & 152mm. Both units have been supplied  for 1300mm core lengths. The first customer located in the UK is cutting 76 & 152mm cardboard cores.

The second customer based on the west coast in the U.S. will be using 25, 76, & 152mm cardboard and plastic cores. Both these machines are now installed and running to our customers complete satisfaction.



Turret Rewind with Auto Flying Splice

New order: For a 2100mm wide turret rewind with auto cut/off (flying splice) for rewinding rolls up to 600mm diameter, the unit is also supplied with a pick up from floor shaftless unwind for 1000mm diameter rolls. And runs in conjunction with a full width I/R HOT PERFORATION unit. The machinery being supplied will significantly improve productivity and greatly reduce material waste.

I / R heating source

Hot Perforating Units

    I / R heating source
Hot Perforation Unit

         Hot Perforation Unit









Just ordered two (2) new HOT PERFORATION units for poly films web width in excess of 2000mm. Hot-needle perforation allows a poly-based material to be permeated with a hole that will not close up, and is the perforation method of choice in applications where aesthetics are key. The hole that is left by a hot perforation needle is re-enforced by a neat, molten ring of material that surrounds the hole.












One of our UK tape converting customers today takes possession of his new twelve(12) head spooling machine, the spooler has many standard features and several features specific to this customers requirements.

Cantilevered unwind with splice table, automatic guiding, rotary shear slitting, controlled gap rewinding are all included.

The spooling machine supplied will handle materials for food packaging, security, heath and hygienic products, along with many standard application for labels, foams tapes, to mention just a few.

Manual core cutter

Manual Core cutters

Last month saw a large increase in sales of our standard low cost manual core cutter range of machines.

4 x 1600mm units for 76 & 152mm cores

1 x 1300mm unit for 50, 76, 80, 120mm cores

Automatic Core Cutter

We are pleased to announce continued growth in our Automatic cutter sales, 2 x 1600mm automatic core cutters sold to Russia last month. And 1 x 1800 Automatic core cutter sold to Germany this month.



We would like to invite You to our OPEN HOUSE which will be held in February 2016.

We will show our new ALUSILVER 420/2 C ELS UV specialy engineered very compact flexographic printing machine for Aluminium blister foil printing.

It will be also possible to run tests with Your pattern and material or just run the printing with your printing plates on our ALUBERG materials, assuming you give us sufficient notice!

click below for full information:

Open house Invitation

610 compact slitters

Two (2) new 610 compact slitter rewinders have been sold to an existing customer in the North East of England. The 610 compact has a small footprint and is extremely versatile machine.

The 610 slitter is a favourite with many converters, because of the ease of access, short web path, and ergonomic operation. Our customer remarked they just run whatever we throw at them and they don’t breakdown, and they are good value for money, that’s good enough for!

610 Compact with a shaftless unwind

610 Compact with a fixed height shaftless unwind