Automatic & Manual Core Cutter

Automatic Core Cutter:

This range of automatic core cutting machines is ideal for customers who are looking for a high quality, accurate finish with a minimum amount of operator time in producing their cut cores.

The semi-automatic core cutter shown below is designed to suit the medium to high volume user who is looking for clean, accurate cut cores with minimal operator input.

Model: 1600 CC

Core cutter (2)

Core lengths  from 1000 – 2500 mm

Core Sizes: 12.5 / 25 / 50 / 76 / 152mm standards

All electrical & pneumatic operation

Servo-motor controlled

Colour touch screen interface

Pneumatically actuated safety guard

Easy to install and maintain


 Manual Core Cutting Machines

Manual core cutter

Manual core cutting machines are available for cores 25mm (1″), 76mm (3″) & 152mm (6″) as standard. These core cutting machines can be supplied for core lengths from 1000mm up to 3000mm.